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Becki you are an extremely intuitive being...A person who listens deeply and can “zero” in on the core issue of the individual you are speaking with. When I was working with you was amazing.. you honed right in on what I was struggling with and identified the behaviors/beliefs that I had carried with me for years as a result of that life experience. Your gentle insights and guidance that arise from your skilled energy work and your knowing intuition were so very helpful and cleansing. 

Julie S.

I really started to see the bigger picture. How simple techniques can change so much and make so many improvements. Being aware, just being aware, can change so much in your life and for those around you too! I highly recommend Becki’s services!

Toni K.

Becki resonates with synergies and layers of gifts and talents. A special balance of mindfulness, presence, compassion, intelligence, being present yet forward thinking.

Mike O.

Becki, your work with those sensitive/empathic in nature gives you the ability to compassionately meet people where ever they are in life with whatever challenges they bring.

  Chris C.

I highly recommend Becki’s sessions. After working with Becki through some individual energy sessions, I honed in on my dream. Her amazing counsel helped me shape shift through the fears that had been holding me back from awesomeness all the time. With Becki's help, I took my life to the next level of success. My mojo is back, and I will continue to call upon Becki as I navigate to keep my energy on the highest path.  Thank you Becki!!!!

Niki B

Becki radiates a warmth and acceptance that immediately puts one at ease and invites you into a deeper connection with your authentic self in a way that creates a bridge to a higher love within and between yourself and others.  As a mental health professional, familiar with numerous healing modalities, I have to say Becki operates in a whole different field, she is a gem.  Such a powerful experience.

  Joe B.

I was originally skeptical that distance Reiki would be effective.  After all, if Becki and I weren’t in the same place, how could this possibly work?  But the results were immediate, and I felt a sense of calm and slept amazingly well that first night.  Continuing the practice, not only have aches and pains gone away, but I have enjoyed much higher clarity of thought.  There’s not doubt in my mind that distance Reiki has true benefits.

Todd G.

I love Becki’s Reiki sessions! I am more connected to animals than to most people so some invariably show up during meditations and energy healing sessions. Becki responds graciously even when unexpected critters appear, such as a giant python I knew and loved years ago and a massive silverback gorilla who introduced himself to me through Becki during a Reiki session. Both are still with me in Spirit and I am now able to communicate with them on my own. Becki’s kindness, compassion, and knowledge come through in all aspects of her work. She is a truly gifted healer and life coach.

 Adele L.

I have been going to Becki for a few years for Reiki treatments. I have been to other Reiki practitioners and I can say without a doubt that Becki is by far the most intuitive of any person I have seen. She seems to know exactly what issues need to be addressed, be it physical, mental, emotional, or a combo of all three.  We have discovered multiple spirit guides along the way which has been comforting and amazing. I have also asked Becki to work remotely on my pets. She has performed Reiki on my dog and my kitties remotely and it is amazing how much it helps. A great example is when one of my kitties had injured her back. She was clearly in pain so I asked Becki to send her Reiki.  Within a day my kitty was noticeably better. It was remarkable. Becki has so many more talents than just Reiki. She has truly found her calling in the world of healing. I encourage anyone and everyone to go see her. The experience is well worth it!

  Heidi K.

When I first met Becki I could feel the Healer in her from the warmth and compassion for the people around her and her clients. As soon as you walk through her front door, you feel the positive energy surround you. She opens up your heart and your mind. Becki embraces you and teaches you that life isn’t a coincidence, it’s all part of God’s divine plan. You learn to look at life in a more spiritual manner while incorporating several different modalities depending on what your needs are. She has helped people discover and implement the full potential of their own creative powers for personal growth and self healing. When you leave her studio, you will feel like a revived person.

Sue B.

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