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In this fast changing world we can get confused about how we feel, what we think and how we go about making sense of the world around us. You are not alone! I am a seeker. I am an empath. I am in service to life in all forms.

My own search for answers led me to a variety of healing techniques that made such a difference in my life, I made a decision to become a multi-faceted energy practitioner and share them with you.

Whether you are seeking tools to help you through a stressful period in your life or you are seeking ways to amplify your dreams, I can help.

Often life’s greatest challenges provide the greatest opportunity for growth and change, something not always easy for us to recognize on our own. We often seek a kind person who can shed new light on our situation while providing a safe and alternate route to our desired destination. We all have amazing potential to rise to our highest expression, find our deepest passions and move beyond our limited thinking. I found those kind people in my life but it also took making a DECISION that I was worth the investment; that my life was worth taking the steps to heal, find peace and re-energize my spirit. If you are ready to make that kind of decision in your life I would be honored to offer my expertise and talents. 

Passionate About Inspiring Others

As a Heart-based Intuitive, Catalyst for Change Life Coach, HeartMath Coach, Reiki Master, Author, Speaker, Nonprofit Consultant, and Landscape ArchitectI, I empower people with tools and techniques that activate, energize and catalyst healing energies that reduce energy depleting stress while assisting them to take charge of their inner and outer worlds and discover their potential. 


My own life-long search for answers raising a uniquely gifted yet challenging and labeled child led me to a variety of "alternative" healing techniques that made such a difference in his life, my life and our family that I became a multi-faceted practitioner 

so I could share hope with others.


I authored ‘Complicated Child-Simple Options’ and worked in and out of school systems assisting parents and at-risk youth find ways to improve the challenges they

face when confronted with labels such as; ADD/ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Aspergers, Oppositional Defiant Disorder and others.  This passion to help labeled youth also led me into the nonprofit sector developing programs for youth, the environment and the community eventually moving into Executive Management.  My desire to offer proven systems for helping others break through limitations, reduce stress, find and live their dreams led me to becoming a Certified Life Coach through

Life Mastery Institute and a Licensed HeartMath coach through HeartMath Institute.


I have appeared on local television  and spoke at numerous meetings, events  and conventions throughout the United States and Canada.


My common thread - passion to help people, the land, and community through heart-centered compassionate action.

Licenses and Certifications
  • HeartMath Coach

  • Usui Holy Fire Reiki III Practitioner, Animal and Crystal

  • Life Mastery Institute DreamBuilder Coach

  • Idaho Landscape Architect

  • Universal Life Church Minister


  • Heart-based Intuitive 

  • Published Author/Speaker

  • Jewelry Artist

  • Energy Management Facilitator

  • doTerra Essential Oils Wellness Advocate

  • Zilis CBD Ambassador




Step Stone was created to be a center for healing, a place where you can come and experience a level of peace and calm while surrounded by an environment that enfolds you with a big, warm hug. Since energy knows no bounds, our online programs provide the same experience of feeling hugged, a part of connection while recognizing that you are not alone. Classes and workshops will continue to be announced as we evolve and expand our reach. At Step Stone we continue to seek ways to support you on the journey of life by providing steps into self-discovery.


Becki has published in several collaborative books including; Hot Chocolate for the Mystical Soul, Holistic - 22 Expert Holistic Practitioners Help You Heal Mind, Body And Spirit In New Ways, Manifestations - True Stories of Bringing The Imagined Into Reality, The Grateful Soul - The Art And Practice Of Gratitude, The Courageous Heart - Finding Strength In Difficult Times, Ordinary Oneness - The Simplicity of Everyday Love, Grace and Hope,  Enduring Wisdom - Life Insights That Stand The Test Of Time and Whispers From The Heart. Her original books include; Complicated Child-Simple Options and 20 Days Changed Everything - A Love Story: Moving Through Conscious Death To Afterlife Connection.

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