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who is becki?

In this fast changing world we can get confused about how we feel, what we think and how we go about making sense of the world around us. You are not alone! I am a seeker. I am an empath. I am in service to life in all forms.

My own search for answers led me to a variety of healing techniques that made such a difference in my life, I made a decision to become a multi-faceted energy practitioner and share them with you.

Whether you are seeking tools to help you through a stressful period in your life or you are seeking ways to amplify your dreams, I can help.

Often life’s greatest challenges provide the greatest opportunity for growth and change, something not always easy for us to recognize on our own. We often seek a kind person who can shed new light on our situation while providing a safe and alternate route to our desired destination. We all have amazing potential to rise to our highest expression, find our deepest passions and move beyond our limited thinking. I found those kind people in my life but it also took making a DECISION that I was worth the investment; that my life was worth taking the steps to heal, find peace and re-energize my spirit. If you are ready to make that kind of decision in your life I would be honored to offer my expertise and talents. As a Heart-based Intuitive my services are but a Step Stone on your path of discovery into the LIFE  YOU  LOVE  LIVING!


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Do you need to learn how to build personal resilience to deal with the stressors of everyday life? Are you living a life that gets you out of bed excited to meet the day...
One-On-One Intuitive Coaching
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Becki's work has transformed my life. She moves energy with me and my body like no other! We laugh, we cry, we sing, and we dance with the energy and entities that show up to assist in the movement. Wonderful work she does!   Kris B

Becki you are an extremely intuitive being...A person who listens deeply and can “zero” in on the core issue of the individual you are speaking with. When I was working with you was amazing.. you honed right in on what I was struggling with and identified the behaviors/beliefs that I had carried with me for years as a result of that life experience. Your gentle insights and guidance that arise from your skilled energy work and your knowing intuition were so very helpful and cleansing.   Julie S

I called Becki for a session after a week of feeling very troubled and not able to fully uncover the source of my uncertainty! She nailed it - right away and the TRUTH and that knowledge really set me free to move forward and not stay stuck. Thanks Becki - your gifts and intuition are awesome!   Terry D

Becki integrates authenticity into a cohesive dance with her soul's purpose and helps others do the same along their path; no easy feat and on top of it all, she does it with tremendous beauty, grace and ease.  Jess  

Becki’s empathy is a major part of who she is! Her ability to understand me and see things from my perspective was very powerful. Then, her compassion swooped in and made me feel even more understood and 'heard'! Becki was able to find solutions and offer great advice when it was most needed!    Saira A

I really started to see the bigger picture. How simple techniques can change so much and make so many improvements. Being aware, just being aware, can change so much in your life and for those around you too! I highly recommend Becki’s services!    Toni K

Becki resonates with synergies and layers of gifts and talents. A special balance of mindfulness, presence, compassion, intelligence, being present yet forward thinking.   Mike O

Becki, your work with those sensitive/empathic in nature gives you the ability to compassionately meet people where ever they are in life with whatever challenges they bring.   Chris C

I highly recommend Becki’s sessions. After working with Becki through some individual energy sessions, I honed in on my dream. Her amazing counsel helped me shape shift through the fears that had been holding me back from awesomeness all the time. With Becki's help, I took my life to the next level of success. My mojo is back, and I will continue to call upon Becki as I navigate to keep my energy on the highest path.  Thank you Becki!!!!    Niki B

Becki radiates a warmth and acceptance that immediately puts one at ease and invites you into a deeper connection with your authentic self in a way that creates a bridge to a higher love within and between yourself and others.  As a mental health professional, familiar with numerous healing modalities, I have to say Becki operates in a whole different field, she is a gem.  Such a powerful experience.   Joe B